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Museum of Badger Army Ammunition

2018 Speakers Program

In the exhibit gallery of the Museum of Badger Army Ammunition


April 12, 7:00pm

Rob Nurre

Rob Nurre is a landscape historian whose work focuses on the interactions of natural and cultural history. He is well known for his character portrayals of surveyors and of Wisconsin’s "first natural scientist," Increase A. Lapham. Rob will not portray anyone but himself at our Museum. He will build on his research into the pre-Settlement landscape of the Badger lands to tell us what the "prairie" was like before and immediately after it was altered by the pioneer farmers who first plowed it in 1839.


April 12, 7:00pm at the Museum


May 10, 7:00pm  

Michael Goc

      Author of the award winning history book, Powder, People & Place, about the Badger Army Ammunition Plant. Michael will address the subject of land transfers for the construction of the original Badger Ordnance Works.

May 10 at 7:00 PM at the Museum.


telling the story of the

World's Largest Ammunition Plant in 1942

Badger Ordnance Works

   The photo above was taken by an official project photographer in May 1942 of the north half of the world's largest ammunition plant, under construction in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Located at the southern foot of the Baraboo Bluffs on the Sauk Prairie, in the Townships of Sumpter and Merrimac, about 7 miles north of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac and 8 miles south of Baraboo, 30 miles northwest of Madison between US Highway 12 and the Wisconsin River.

    The Badger Ordnance Works was built on the terminal moraine and outwash plain of the glacier that stopped here about 12,000 years ago. This out wash plain is known as the Sauk Prairie named for the Sauk Indians that had a village of 90 homes where Sauk City is located today.

    The Museum of Badger Army Ammunition is located on U. S. Hwy 12 at the main entrance of the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant between Sauk City and Baraboo, WI.
GPS 7560 US Hwy 12 North Freedom, WI 53951

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