Recreation Hall


The building in the highlighted area in the photo above is the Recreation Hall. This building followed standard military construction for a building of this size and use. In some of the photos below you will see a board from the ceiling to the wall. That board is a structural brace that gave the building the structural integrity and wind resistance necessary for a large open room. In 1943 the small wing  to the right side of this of this building was replaced with a much larger wing increasing the functionality of the Recreation Hall. Some of the photos below were taken in that new wing.

                                                                    The photo at the right is inside the west room of the north wing of the Recreation Hall at the Main Entrance of the B.O.W. (Bldg 273) where pool tables have been setup.











                                                                          In 1943 a wing was added to the south of the original building more than doubling the available floor space. This non-denominational chapel was setup in part of that wing.










                                                                    This lounge was located in the east end of the north wing of the Recreation Hall (Bldg 273).


West end of the south wing of the Recreation Hall next to the Main Entrance to the plant.



The July 28, 1944 issue of the Badger Ordnance News carried this photo and the following photo caption: "Three new horseshoe courts have been built for the use of plant employees. They are located between the recreation hall and the main area road. Shown are a group of men enjoying some of the first games on the courts. The recreational association, which had the courts constructed, hopes to be able to arrange a horseshoe tournament among all the fans of the plant, but no definite plans have been made for this as yet. Anyone wishing to use the courts may obtain the shoes at the counter in the recreation hall