Maintenance Shop, Production Office & Change House

The three buildings in the highlighted area of the above photo are:

    Maintenance Shop. (top building) This building was the center of activity for maintenance of the acid production equipment. Equipment that had to be removed for  repair was brought here. This building housed the maintenance office and the shop with the machines, tools, and frequently used spare parts used in the maintenance of the acid production processes. Other spare parts came from the Central Stores in the Combined Shops area.
    Production Office. (center) This building was the offices for the Production Superintendent, Shift Supervisors, and Secretary for the NC Acid Area and the TNT Acid Area (Oleum Plant).
    Change House. (bottom) This is where the acid workers changed from their street clothes into the protective acid resistant clothes. During the WWII, Korean, and beginning of the Vietnam operations the acid protective clothing was wool shirt, trousers, and wide brimmed wool felt hat year around. During the Vietnam operation the wool clothing was replaced with lighter weight Dynell coveralls and wide brimmed safety helmets. This clothing was not acid proof but acid resistant allowing time to get to a safety shower and remove the clothing in the event the wearer got splashed with acid thus reducing the risk of serious acid burns.