Ammonia Oxidation Process

The high lighted area in the photo is the Ammonia Oxidation Process (A.O.P.).

    The building on the left is the Compressor House where large air compressors provided combustion air for the next building which is the A.O.P. building . In the A.O.P. building ammonia was burned in the presence of a platinum catalyst producing nitrogen oxide gas that when combined with weak nitric acid produced 62% nitric acid.
    The waste gas from this process is used to cool the hot gas from the ammonia burner and then sent the compressor building to provide the energy to operate "steam" (the hot gas replaces the steam) engine powered air compressors.
    In the foreground in front of these two buildings are the tank saddles for the ammonia storage tanks for the A.O.P. building. The ammonia was brought in by rail car on the rail siding barely visible in front of the tanks.