Bus Station


The building in the highlighted area in the photo is the Bus Station. This building included a waiting area where employees could wait for the bus at the end of a shift or wait for the clock alleys to open at the beginning of the shift. The near end of the building was a Canteen area where food could be purchased from the waiting area inside the building or from the windows in the end of the building. There was also a counter where bus or train tickets could be purchased.  



This is the northwest corner of the Bus Station outside. Some busses can be seen behind the Bus Station. The windows under the canopy on the west end of the building make it possible for canteen staff to serve costumers outside. The Greyhound sign above the windows lets us know that this was a Greyhound bus stop. 



This photo is the waiting area inside the Bus Station. The windows at the far end of the room are service windows of the Canteen. The windows at the left side are for purchase of train or buss tickets and some of them were also used as employee pay windows on payday 







Here is the canteen staff on duty the day this photo was taken. At the far wall we see a Bidwell ice cream freezer and a Coke-a-Cola cooler. In addition to the ice cream, coke, coffee and other standard canteen offerings, costumers could purchase sandwiches and sack lunches.