This is a closer view of the housing area that would become Badger Village.


Before the Army came this land was the farm of the Lyman Kindschi family. The house you see next to the highway was the Kindschi family home and is still there and someone's home today.

The "H" shaped buildings were built in the style of standard Army barracks and have since been referred to as "The Army Barracks." In fact very few Army personnel were at the Badger Ordnance Works, these barracks were housing for employees of the construction companies and the operating contractor, Hercules Powder Company. This complex of buildings included a central heating plant, a dining hall and other support buildings. Additional buildings were added to this area as construction continued.

The area to the right is part of the area where a small village with its own schools and stores would be built. This village was known as Badger Village.

The two photos below show this area in 1998. Some of the "Army Barracks" can be seen at the left end of the upper photo. In the 1960's the entire area of Badger Village was sold to a private corporation. The "Army Barracks" were converted into Condominiums and the original Badger Village housing units were torn down for salvage except for the two rows of buildings next to the "Army Barracks".


Part of the area where those housing units stood was turned into a Mobile Home Park. When the these photos were taken the only original public buildings still standing were the Community Center, larger building upper right corner of the photo above (left of top center in the photo below), and the retail store (grocery, barber shop, drug store, etc.), large building at the right of top center (large black roof) in the photo below. In 2002 the Community Center building was torn down and in the winter of 2002/2003 the store building which was home to a surplus sales business burned to the ground.