Administrative Office Area

This is the main Administration area built on the former Anna Magli farm. The trees you see in front of the two story Administration Building were in the Magli front yard.

The two story building and the large one story building next to it were the Operating Contractor and Government office buildings. This photo also includes the Plant Hospital, four vehicle garages, a cafeteria, the Plant Telephone Exchange, and two passenger trains.

The road across the bottom of the photo is U. S. Hwy 12 & State Hwy 13. The north bound lane was still under construction when this photo was taken.

This is a color photo of the same area taken in the Fall of 2000 by Jamie Young as part of a photo project sponsored by the Badger History Group. There are two buildings in this photo that are not in the 1942 photo. To the left of the Administration building is a one story light colored building. This building was built during the Vietnam Operation to house a new data processing computer system. As the computer system got smaller it was moved to the Administration Building and this building was used for some offices and the two rooms that housed the computer and other equipment were combined into a large meeting room. Today this building is the home of the Badger History Group and the Museum of Badger Army Ammunition. Above this building and in the middle of the North Service Road is a small building (green roof). This is the Main Gate Guard House. All vehicles entering the plant from US Hwy 12 come through here. Missing from this photo is the railroad tracks that ended behind the vehicle garages. WWII was the only operation when employees came to work by train. During the Korean and Vietnam operations transportation was by private vehicles and busses.