Tasks to complete so we can Re-Open our Museum

Description Status
Metered electric service to the building. Originally the electric distribution system in the plant was owned by the Army and maintained by the Operating Contractor with the electric meter located at the primary electric entrance to the plant. All that has now changed and we will be purchasing our electric power from Alliant Energy so we need an electric meter on our building.
Contracted - funded by Wisconsin Department of Natural Recourses (WDNR)           DONE
Inside electric work for metered service including a main circuit breaker just as we all have in our homes.
Contracted - funded by  WDNR
Electrical changes inside to meet museum exhibit lighting needs. Funded by BHG
Handicap restrooms. A third restroom, unisex handicap accessible will be added.
Will be funded by Badger History Group, Inc (BHG)
Ramp for Handicap access, Badger History Group will do this work.
 Work and funding will be by BHG
 Water utility. Issues have been resolved and the water meter installed 
Tests showed the presence of asbestos in the floor tile.
Options are being reviewed. - Will be funded by BHG