Return To Sumpter
by Erhart Mueller

This is the last in a series of five books by this author on the subject of the people, places and events in the Town of Sumpter, Sauk County, Wisconsin. To give you an idea of what is between the covers we include here a listing of the chapters of the book and poems. 

When Erhart started the series of books on the people of the Town of Sumpter his plan was for four books. After completing the fourth book he recognized that he had enough material for a fifth book and being the wise man that he was began the process that would result in this book. When Erhart died on July 2, 1992 the book was not completed so according to plan his sister, Leta Mueller Ambler completed the book project.


The Waterbury Story Soldiers of Sumpter
The Haskin Story Sumpter Alumni Association
Transportation Recreation
Gate Ten Humor
Staff Village Wildlife
Schools East Sumpter
Skillet Creek The Leiser Family
The Freethinkers Weigand's Bay
"Spring" by Florence Waterbury Saxton Wm. H. Leiser by Fred O. Leiser
"Winter Sleigh Ride" from John Darm's diary "This Is My Father's World" by Maltbie D. Babcock
Robert Rood Buell... "Dance of the Prairie Chicken" by Dudley Fuller
Robert Rood Buell "Erhart" by Doris Litscher Gasser
"An Early Morn. Ride to Baraboo"
         by Joseph Warren Wood
"To My Fatherland"