Administrative Area Cafeteria

This is Cafeteria, Building 234, built in 1942 to provide food service to the Administration area. There were four cafeterias in the Plant during WWII. The other cafeterias were located in Combined Shops area, Army Barracks Area (North Badger Village) and the Gate 10 Housing area. The drawing for this cafeteria shows a seating capacity of "400 men". The photo above is part of an Official Army construction photo. The two photos below are from a Facilities Inventory done in 1944/45.


Cafeteria staff ready to serve you. On the menu behind the counter we see that today we have:

French Onion Soup
Chop Suey with Rice
Hot Beef Sandwich
Potato & Gravy
Corned Beef Hash






Looking north from the center of the seating area. gives us a good idea of the size of the cafeteria.