Green Powder Mix House




Looking southeast at B-line Mixer-Macerator House, Bldg. 2508-1. Blocks of NC brought here from the DEHY Press House by Coffin Buggy where mixed with an alcohol solvent to make the NC pliable for extruding. This building is actually two buildings built back to back with an open space between them for maintenance access to the line shaft that provided power to the process machines inside. Each of the four Green Powder process lines had two of these double buildings.


Mixer Bay #6. The Mixer is tilted forward and the lid is open for unloading. For loading, the Mixer is tilted upright and the blocks of NC from the DEHY were loaded into the Mixer. After the NC is loaded and the mixer started alcohol solvent is added. From the Mixer the NC is moved to the Macerator in the same building.

The object at the left side of the Mixer Bay door is a Flame Arrester in the solvent fume removal duct from the Mixer Bay to prevent a fire in this duct from going any further.


 Unidentified operators removing the mix of Nitrocotton, and solvent from the Mixer into tubs for transfer to a Macerator located in another bay of this building.