Badger Village, Our Prairie Home

This is the third in a series of three DVDs on the history of Badger Ordnance Works/Badger Army Ammunition Plant produced by Dave Erickson, Ootek Productions, Badger History Group, and the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County.

The following introduction is copied from the DVD back label.

Badger Village; Our Prairie Home is a fun, informative documentary about the community adjacent to the Badger Ordnance Works, which was the world's largest ammunition plant when it was built on 10.000 acres of Sauk County, Wisconsin land in 1943. This 69 minute film details the different eras of the color full village, including the World War II, Korea and Vietnam production years, the post-war GI student housing era, and the creation of the Bluffview retirement village. Also featured is the rural Sauk County farm community that with a skeptical yet helpful attitude, has watched the ammunition plant come and go.

Major characters who appear in the film include former Governor Lee Dreyfus, Madison "TV Attorney" Ken Hur, John Wick, founder of Wick Building Systems, and Jim Delaney, owner of Delaney's Surplus a business located in buildings that were once part of the village.

Stories by village residents are brought to life by entertaining, sometimes humorous re-enactment scenes that give viewers a feel for a time when local history mingled with international headlines.

This documentary by national award-winning producer Dave Erickson, was created with the assistance of the University of Wisconsin- Baraboo/Sauk County and is narrated by Sarah Day of American Players Theatre.