Our Own History

In 1998 a small group of people met around a picnic table inside the fence at Badger Army Ammunition Plant to discuss how to preserve the history of this place. The result of that meeting was the birth of the Badger History Group (BHG).

In the years since that first meeting the BHG has:

That is a long list of accomplishments by a group that, until 2007, never had more than a dozen members. Recognizing that we had reached a point where our small group could not continue to meet the growing challenge we face, we became a dues paying membership organization. After nine years operating under the Sauk County Historical Society 501 (c) (3) status as an independent committee reporting to their Board of Directors, it was time for us to strike out on our own with our own 501 (c) (3) status.

Today our membership numbers over 100 and is growing.

In November, 2007 we incorporated as a non-stock corporation affiliated with the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

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In March 2009 we received the "Letter of Determination" from the IRS declaring us a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt public charity.

The Badger History Group, Inc. is a 100% volunteer organization funded entirely by membership dues and donations. We have not asked for, do not plan to ask for and have not received funding from any Federal, State, or local Government. Although the Museum of Badger Army Ammunition is located on the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant we are not part of the U. S. Army or their contractor's operations. Having said all that we do need to acknowledge that we have had rent free office and archive space until September 2012 when we started paying the heating bill for Bldg 207 where our office, archive and museum have been since 2009.

The story of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant is more than a local story. A significant portion of the propellant used in the ammunition used by U.S. and Allied solders in three wars came from Badger. That fact makes this a national story. But this story goes even beyond that to include:

That is too big a story to tell as one story. Rather it is a collection of many smaller stories. Telling those smaller stories makes the big story possible. No matter where we find ourselves talking to people about Badger we find people who had a relative who worked there or they know/knew someone who worked there. This is an invitation to help us tell those smaller stories. There are so many stories that our small group can not do it alone and neither can you. Working together we can tell those smaller stories, and weave them into the bigger story that is awesome beyond imagination.

You can be apart of this story by:

Membership categories are:

  Individual, $25
Supporter, $50 
   Sponsor, $100
  Benefactor, $500
Historian, $1000

Our mail address:   Badger History Group, Inc.
                              PO Box 113
                              Prairie du Sac, WI 53578-0113

Email:    <bhg-arch@tds.net>        Phone:  Office: (608)448-0244        Curator/Archivist Cell: (608)370-2488